Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A powerful video is being shared because of the heartbreaking message it sends about life and those most vulnerable.

“The Gift” is a 4 minute video but it’s powerful. And sadly, it is something that happens countless times a day.

A little girl is adopted from the orphanage. At first she is welcomed with enthusiasm into her new family. But, the excitement soon wears off and she is seen as a nuisance. Without giving her much of a chance, the dad takes the girl to a secluded area. He throws her favorite toy, knowing she will run to get it. In that moment, he jumps in the car and drives off – abandoning her.

However, the heartbreaking video has a big twist when the dad looks in his rearview mirror and you see the reality of the situation. Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the ending.

That poor baby! Dogs should be welcomed in as a member of the family. If someone doesn’t have the patience to train a dog, they shouldn’t adopt one. So many dogs are then abandoned or returned to the shelter. Dogs aren’t disposable.

Hopefully this video has an impact on someone considering dumping their dog and forces them to search their conscience and do the right thing for the dog.

Share this if you believe dogs aren’t disposable!

H/T: Faith Tap

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