Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The highlight of President Trump’s speech last night to a joint session of Congress was when Navy SEAL widow Carryn Owens was given a standing ovation. And the radical left-wingers have lost their minds over it and are attacking the new widow.

Democratic leadership failed to stand for the widow during the standing ovation. The chose politics over country by not recognizing this grieving woman. But, it gets worse.

Dan Grilo, who was a devoted Hillary Clinton supporter and helped out with her campaign, tweeted something so defamatory that he ended up deleting his Twitter account after being called out for being a heartless jerk.

“Sorry, Owens’ wife, you’re not helping yourself or your husband’s memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot. Trump just used you,” he tweeted. You can see the screenshot below.

Grilo wasn’t the only liberal attacking Carryn Owens. Radical left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore took his time on MSNBC after the speech to attack her as well.

In the video below, Moore says that Carryn Owens was only at the speech as a “F You To The People Who Are Criticizing” Trump.

This woman was there to see her husband be recognized for giving his life for our country. She wasn’t there for political gains. What a nasty man Michael Moore is. You can see it for yourself in the video below.

Michael Moore is so desperate to harm Trump that he actually went after a Gold Star widow. What a creep!

Just when you think liberals can’t get any more despicable, they set the bar even lower. What a bunch of animals! This will likely have a very negative impact on the Democrats in 2018.

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H/T: Infowars

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