Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Diamond and Silk have a way with words. They cut through the nonsense and get straight to the message. There isn’t any beating around the bush with these two. They will absolutely tell you what they are thinking.

The sisters took on U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara after he was fired by the Trump Administration. The president wanted to replace U.S. Attorneys with those of his choosing. This is common practice with a new administration. Each new president does this, but the press and Bharara were making it seem as if Trump was the first to ask the prior administration’s U.S. attorneys for their resignation.


Bharara refused to resign, so he was canned. Diamond and Silk decided to explain the difference. The video below is quite comical. The sisters remind Bharara that he was going either way, but it was his decision to be fired.

BOOM! He was canned. Bharara may have done this for his own political gain. As a New York Democrat, he could run for office under the badge of being fired by the Trump Administration. Employment history doesn’t seem to be an important asset to liberal New York voters, so maybe he sees this as a boost on his resume.

Whatever his reason, as Diamond and Silk said, he was still fired and that’s a black eye!

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