Wednesday, March 1, 2017

President Donald Trump’s address to Congress is being praised all around. Not only did the president highlight the hard work he’s done to bring jobs back to the country and restore our hope in America, he paid tribute to some amazing Americans, including Gold Star widow Carryn Owens.

Many also noticed the immature behavior by Democrats who refused to acknowledge the great job Donald Trump is doing as president. They made their immaturity and complete lack of empathy abundantly clear when they refused to stand up and pay respect to one of America’s fallen soldiers.

But what people didn’t really notice was how Nancy Pelosi acted. Tell Me Now’s Wayne Dupree caught it, and he’s baffled by the whole thing. When President Trump announced that America’s biggest companies were investing trillions of dollars back into the American economy, Rep. Pelosi remained seated, and licked her teeth.

That’s right. She actually licked her teeth. Watch Wayne’s Take for more:

Can you believe her? While the rest of Congress stands and applauds the millions of new jobs being created, Pelosi sits there pretending to eat a lollipop.

Is she crazy?

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