Monday, March 6, 2017

A do-it-yourself Dad thought he was being the man of the house when he decided to clean up the gutters. However, the house ended up getting the better of him!

The Dad decided to rig together a jerry-built contraption. He took his picnic table and stuck a foldable table on top of it. He then sticks the ladder on top of the foldable table. From there, he begins to climb the ladder. When he gets near the top it all goes wrong!


What was this guy thinking? Thank God his kid got out of dodge or he might have ended up under the ladder and his Dad!

Here’s how you fix that problem: go buy a taller ladder. You also shouldn’t be climbing up to the roof without a spotter. And your kid doesn’t count as a spotter when he’s not even steadying the ladder for you!

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