Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hollywood liberals just keep threatening President Trump. I didn’t realize “Love Trumping Hate” meant threatening or encouraging bodily harm. First it was Rosie O’Donnell, then it was Madonna, and now Snoop Dogg is threatening the Commander-in-Chief. 

Snoop Dogg released a video in which he pretends to assassinate President Trump. It’s against the law to threaten the President of the United States. The FBI should take this threat seriously. Snoop appears to be encouraging someone to assassinate the president.

President Trump pointed out the double standard on Snoop Dogg’s video. If this happened just a couple months ago to President Obama, the left would be screaming about it.

This does warrant jail time. Senator Marco Rubio is actually a fan of hip hop music, but he came out swinging at Snoop Dogg over this egregious and threatening video. He points out how very serious this is in the video below. Snoop Dogg should be held accountable for this.


There is a petition for Madonna to be arrested for her threat at the Women’s March. There should be one for Snoop Dogg too! Hollywood apparently only finds it acceptable to threaten Republican presidents with assassination.

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