Monday, March 20, 2017

Donald Trump’s success both in his professional life, as well as in his political career serving as President of the United States, sent CNN’s Fareed Zakaria into a profanity-filled rant.

Zakaria, who hosts his own show at CNN, joined Don Lemon’s show to disparage Donald Trump. He doesn’t back up his opinion with any kind of facts. He just hops on TV, opens his mouth, and spews garbage. It’s filthy and disgusting and shows exactly why CNN is living up to its reputation as the “Counterfeit News Network.”

Watch as Fareed Zakaria on the Counterfeit News Network gets TRIGGERED by Donald Trump:

Mark Dice exposes the hypocrisy of CNN when he tells Zakaria to look at his own network during his own profanity-filled rant.

Zakaria seems to think that if he repeats the same line over and over it will somehow become reality. That’s not how it works. The truth is not malleable.

Share with your friends and family to EXPOSE them to the absolute horrid so-called journalism at CNN! Let them know they cannot be trusted!

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