Monday, March 6, 2017

The media is fussing over President Trump’s allegation that the Obama administration tapped his phone lines during the campaign. Liberal pundits say Donald Trump is making a very hostile atmosphere for the press to do its job.

But, what’s being lost in the outrage is the fact that the media itself kept quiet about Obama’s abuse of power when in office.

The media is shocked by President Trump’s assertion. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough actually says he’s “scared” over Trump’s allegation.

Tell Me Now’s Wayne Dupree is having none of that. He rips into the media for its crocodile tears over Trump, and its blatant favoritism on display during the Obama Administration.


NSA spying, wiretapping a Fox News reporter, using the IRS to target conservative activists – the litany of Obama scandals is astounding. But the media barely made a peep while they were going on.

Now journalists are wailing like babies over Trump’s allegations that could very well be true!

Give me a break.

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