Monday, March 20, 2017

InfoWars is reporting that it has proof the Obama Administration did wiretap Donald Trump.

Michael Zullo worked with a special investigative group in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office. He provided InfoWars with part of the database the National Security Agency used for surveillance between 2004-2010. This was part of Project Dragnet that was exposed by Edward Snowden.

Sheriff Arpaio and Zullo have identified numerous locations under surveillance, including Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago.

The fact that Trump was apparently monitored during that time, which includes the beginning of the Obama Administration, shows that it isn’t far-fetched to believe it happened during the campaign cycle.

Former CIA officer Larry Johnson joined Alex Jones to discuss how this surveillance likely took place during the general election. That video is below.

The federal government has been so intrusive over the past few years. It’s not crazy to think Trump’s wiretapping allegations could be true. Because of Wikileaks, we have seen how members of our government don’t play fair. Why would we expect anything else?

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H/T: Info Wars

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