Friday, March 17, 2017

The media and the elites that make it up sometimes let us know how they really feel about us Americans. After McDonald’s sent out its nasty tweet attacking President Trump, MSNBC contributor and Senior Editor at Business Insider Josh Barro decided to take it a step further and attack everyday Americans who don’t agree with his warped worldview.

Here’s the disgusting message Barro had for Americans like you:

Barro quickly deleted the tweet, but not before a screenshot was grabbed.

And the criticism came harsh and quick from all angles:

Chris even pointed out older Barro tweets that show his disdain for hard-working Americans.

Even liberal reporter Glenn Greenwald chimed in with some heavy sarcasm:

Others got straight to the point:

Barro seems to be one of those elites who has never done any kind of hard-working job in his life. I bet if you gave him a plunger he might not even know what it was. His love for elitism and how he defines it exposes his and the elite’s desire to control the American people. They do not want us to think for ourselves. They want to keep us chained down.

Well, that game is over. The American – the deplorables – will no longer be chained down. We will no longer be mocked by elites who have absolutely zero understanding of how this world works or what truly matters. We will not let them destroy what this country was founded on. We will not let them take our freedom. We will cast these oppressors aside and reclaim the truth and cast aside people like Josh Barro, who relentlessly hate America and what it stands for.

Josh Barro is the kind of guy who will send your son or daughter to war while ensuring his are safe and snug. His kind are the worst of the worst.

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