Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One of the best lessons we can teach our kids is to be respectful of other people. Sometimes these lessons have to be creative and that’s why the video below is both funny and powerful.

Teen girls were kissing the bathroom mirror, leaving the janitor with the task of cleaning off the lipstick. This can be a tiresome and lengthy chore. The girls didn’t care that this man had to spend extra time on this. They seemed to enjoy it!

But, revenge is sweet and it belonged to the janitor. He and the principal called the popular girls to the bathroom to see how he has to clean the lipstick off the mirrors. He didn’t appeal to their empathetic side. They already knew their lip prints caused him to do extra work, but they didn’t know what he used to clean them off.

Watch the video below for a good laugh. The horrified looks on their faces are hilarious!

That was brilliant! That janitor immediately solved the problem and saved himself a lot of time. More importantly, the girls learned a lesson in treating others in a respectful manner!

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H/T: Faithtap

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