Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Joe Biden is famous for putting his foot in his mouth. But sometimes he speaks the truth, even if he doesn’t mean to.

The former vice-president was recently asked if Donald Trump deserves a chance to govern. His answer is going to be a huge shock to liberals!

Here’s what Biden said:

“Sure he does. That’s exactly why you haven’t seen the president on any of the shows. I mean if I was able to charge, you guys would pay me a lot of money to come on the shows — not a joke. That’s why you haven’t heard anything from us about that.”

While it’s great that Biden acknowledged President Trump should be given a chance to lead, it’s not true that former president Obama is staying out of things.

In fact, Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett is moving into Obama’s D.C. mansion to set up a war room to investigate Trump!

Do you agree with Joe Biden about giving the chance to President Trump to govern? If so, share this to show liberals he deserves a chance!

H/T: IJ Review

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