Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The View isn’t a credible news source. The women don’t let facts get in the way of promoting their agenda. But, what Joy Behar said about President Obama is so nonsensical that it will have you laughing.

In a discussion about President Trump accusing President Obama of wiretapping him, Joy Behar simply cannot believe Obama would do such a thing. She conveniently forgets about Benghazi, the IRS shenanigans, Fast and Furious, and the like and claims that President Obama was “scandal free.”

“The worst thing he did was smoke a cigarette and put his feet up on his desk,” Behar says in the video below. Did she have ear plugs in the last eight years? It was eight years of repeated scandals.


The release of Bowe Berghdahl, the Iran Deal, the Solyndra bankruptcy, the IRS scandal, Hillary’s State Department’s use of a personal email, and NSA spying are a few more issues that come to mind. But, Joy thinks he only smoked a cigarette and put his foot on a desk?

What do you expect from women who attack a Gold Star widow?

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H/T: Hannity

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