Friday, March 17, 2017

Judge Jeanine Pirro doesn’t mince words. And the firebrand judge has something to say about the federal judge in Hawaii who blocked President Trump’s latest travel ban.

Judge Jeanine pointed out that Hawaii’s lawsuit is hypocritical – Hawaii hasn’t taken in refugees from the six countries affected by the travel ban.

She has a great idea though. “I think all the refugees should go to Hawaii,” said Pirro. If Hawaii is going to make this nonsensical claim, it should be willing to accept these refugees with open arms.

Listen to her serve up the truth in the video below!

She’s also completely right that if this ban had President Obama’s name on it, they would be applauding it. He previously had a ban that these liberals didn’t challenge. They only challenge it now that there is a Republican president in charge. This is about obstructing the President’s agenda.

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H/T: Fox News

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