Monday, March 13, 2017

Believe it or not, there are prejudices against Christians in this day and age. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADL) went to the University of Wisconsin to expose this.

Students on campus agreed that Muslims shouldn’t be forced to have a business relationship with Christians. They also believe that dress designers have the right to refuse service to Melania Trump.

But, when asked about a devout Christian photographer being forced to work at a gay wedding, the students said he should be required by law to violate his religious beliefs.

The video below is an astounding display of hypocrisy and the education failures of our college campuses.

I would be angry if my child was taught at school that this was acceptable. The same standards should apply to everyone. The law shouldn’t discriminate, yet it appears acceptable to discriminate against Christians.

Is this what we send our kids to college for?

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H/T: Dennis Michael Lynch

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