Thursday, March 16, 2017

Now that Barack Obama isn’t the president anymore, it is socially acceptable to attack the Commander-in-Chief. McDonald’s is the latest company to jump into the Dump Trump fray.

The fast food giant tweeted derogatory and outrageous comments about President Trump this morning. The tweet was done purposefully as it was pinned to the top of their Twitter account. You can see the tweet below.

President Trump has been a supporter of McDonald’s. He celebrated winning the Republican nomination with a McDonald’s meal. The company still attacked him.

Celebrating 1237! #Trump2016

A post shared by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

Trump also did a commercial for McDonald’s. You can see that below.

This is a big slap in the face. So why would McDonald’s do this to President Trump?  Many were quick to point the finger at the social media manager. It was done intentionally since it was pinned to the top of the account.

But, perhaps there is a bigger reason for this. McDonald’s has a new hire that is at odds with President Trump.

Could McDonald’s be so stupid as to intentionally declare war on the White House? Their fries aren’t good enough to justify such awful behavior!

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Update: McDonald’s claims that its Twitter account was hacked:

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