Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I watched this amazing, yet dangerous, jump over a highway from a young thrill-seeker. If you remember the days of Evil Knievel, this will remind you of his crazy stunts.

The video starts off with these young men laying the groundwork for the jump in the early morning. The jump really was out of this world but it’s dangerous and someone could have been hurt.


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But now, after the incredible, death-defying jump, the police are looking for the fearless biker.


Jalopnik reports that California Highway Patrol officers believe the rider likely violated some laws, including reckless driving and driving an off-road motorcycle on the highway. Had the jump gone wrong, innocent drivers could have died (not to mention the rider). However, as the rider is wearing a helmet and the video does not appear to show other identifying details about them, it may be difficult to identify them beyond a reasonable doubt for the purpose of pressing charges.

Crime or not, CALTRANS, the state transportation department, has bulldozed the ramp to keep it from happening again.

When you saw that biker soar, I am sure you were shocked to see him flying over passing traffic. But this jump was dangerous for a number of reasons not outlined by the police.

I am not sure you caught this, but the biker’s crew was only working on one side of the highway. The other side, where he landed, looked like green grass and shrubbery. That tells me everyone involved didn’t think the trick through properly; a huge mistake could have happened. The biker was lucky, and hopefully, he won’t do it again.

What do you think the police will do if they catch up with the biker? Will they slap a fine on him? Jail him? Share your opinions below and add this to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.


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