Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Day Without A Woman Strike was a joke. Real women and men show up for their jobs because they know others depend on them and they need the income to pay the bills.

There is a lot of hypocrisy surrounding the feminist movement in the Trump era. Liz Wheeler points this out magnificently in the video below. She hits them hard on everything from their crotch hats to the fact that this is an event for privileged women who can afford to take a day off work.

Watch the video below. She’s not afraid to hit hard. You might say that Liz even hits like a girl!

Can you imagine if Liz and Tomi Lahren appeared on a show together? Liberals’ heads would explode! You can compare Liz’s Women’s Strike segment to Tomi’s Day Without Immigrants segment here. They are a powerful duo for the right side of common sense!

Employers have every right to fire someone who doesn’t show up just to teach their employer a lesson. Let’s see how many of these women get canned for stiffing their bosses and fellow employees.

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