Friday, March 17, 2017

There really isn’t a shortage of dumb people who will do crazy things for a viral video. Sometimes, it’s such a crazy stunt that you just can’t look away!

Coyote Peterson decided to let an alligator bite him. This was actually an intentional decision. He claims he did this to educate people on the dangers of having pet alligators, but I have to think there might have been a less painful way to get the message across.

In the video below, he starts off with teasing a big alligator. Soon after, things get ugly. I can’t imagine what the damage to his muscle, tendons, and bones was like. This really wasn’t a very good idea!

I’m not sure what he actually taught people with this stunt except for the fact that he’s crazy! People know that alligators will bite. If someone is stupid enough to have an alligator as a pet, he’s not going to be swayed by this viral video!

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