Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The economy is responding to Donald Trump’s presidency. He is keeping his campaign promises and companies are responding by hiring in record numbers.

298,000 jobs have been created after President Trump’s first month in office. This is HUGE! Americans are ready to go back to work.

Employers are loving the new president’s America-first policies. There are reasons to hire here rather than outsource. These new hires are not mainly service jobs either.

106,000 of the jobs were from goods producers. Construction had its biggest boost in 11 years with the creation of 66,000 jobs. Manufacturing is also making a comeback with the hiring of 32,000 workers.

On Monday, President Trump spoke about the positive outlook on the jobs horizon. He is prioritizing making a more hospitable environment for employers to hire Americans after 8 years of failed Obama policies.

Exxon is one of those companies that is beefing up its employment roles. President Trump acknowledged their efforts.

It’s great to see these Americans heading back to work!

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H/T: InfoWars

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