Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Los Angeles man is attempting to give the Human Ken Doll a run for his money. Vinny Ohh has had over 110 procedures in his quest to look like a genderless alien.

I am not sure what doctor is continuing to manipulate the 22-year-old makeup artist’s body. Vinny feels he is neither male nor female and he wants his body to mimic that. He must feel that he is from Mars because that’s what he looks like now!

Actually, Vinny looked a lot better before he had any plastic surgery. The makeup artist looked like an actual human being as you can see below. Now he wants to have his genitals, belly button, and nipples removed.

E! profiled Vinny Ohh’s quest to become “the perfect alien.” You can view that video below.

I have to question what kind of doctor would do this kind of surgery on Vinny. He could probably benefit more from a psychiatrist than a plastic surgeon.

Check out the Human Ken Doll and see how he compares to Vinny.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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