Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We don’t know why President Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping him during the presidential campaign. But it appears that some people have inside information about the extent of spying and snooping intelligence agencies do.

Wikileaks dropped a bombshell on Tuesday called #Vault7.  They released a treasure trove of CIA files that exposed the organization for incredible, mind-blowing, and possibly illegal practices being implemented in America right now.

Wikileaks also called out American companies like Microsoft and Yahoo for working with the government to monitor citizens, both innocent and criminal.

One notable hacker and tech specialist followed up the leak with an astonishing claim about Barack Obama and President Trump’s phone being wiretapped.


Megaupload and Bitcache Founder Kim Dotcom has highlighted the most striking revelations from WikiLeaks’ latest expose on CIA spying practices.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday and Wednesday, the entrepreneur noted that the agency likely spied on US President Donald trump “24/7” by bugging his electronic devices.

“They used his phone cam & mic. Watching and listening 24/7,” he wrote.

KimDotcom also addressed Bill Gates of Microsoft in his next tweet:

Think about this for a second: If Microsoft and other companies are helping the government spy on citizens, how much privacy do you really have? How much privacy did Donald Trump, as a private citizen during the campaign, really have?

Trust in government agencies such as the CIA and FBI is at an all-time low and to learn that U.S. tech companies are helping them monitor private citizens won’t help their reputation.

Who can we trust? And why should we trust Obama when he says he didn’t spy on Trump?

Do you think Obama spied on Trump? Leave your answers below and add this to your Twitter/Facebook page. 


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