Thursday, March 9, 2017

The son of Hillary Clinton’s former running mate was arrested for rioting against the president at the Minnesota Capitol, but it’s even worse than originally thought.

Linwood “Woody” Kaine was wearing a mask and was dressed in black. He broke free from the police officer arresting him, then he actually “squared off” against the cop! The younger Kaine is thought to have used smoke bombs or firecrackers inside the State Capitol to break up the Pro-Trump rally!

The media and the left like to portray the Trump children as monsters for hunting or being successful business people while Senator Kaine’s son is rioting and terrorizing people whose politics he disagrees with!

Police spokesman Steve Linders said it ultimately took a knee strike and chemical spray to get Kaine under control after he was identified as one of the rioters possibly using firecrackers inside the Capitol. Kaine has such little respect for the police that he fought them during his arrest.

A news report with more information can be viewed below:

Raw video of the anti-Trump group below shows the start of a confrontation. The video in the tweet clearly shows that these folks were there to instigate problems. They just can’t allow Trump supporters to cheer. They have to be shouted down, hit, and harassed.

The left is out of control. Many don’t respect the First Amendment rights of others. Tim Kaine’s son is one of them and this should be well-known. His own child can’t respect the First Amendment. Even worse, he put others’ safety at risk because he wanted to make a political statement against President Trump.

Absolutely sickening!

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H/T: Twin Cities

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