Friday, March 17, 2017

President Trump’s new travel ban has already been shot down by a judge for possibly political reasons.

But that didn’t stop the liberal ladies of the View from pontificating on the executive order, with the usual mix of falsehoods, misrepresentations, and racist smears.

Whoopi Goldberg called it the “Muslim ban 2.0” and likened it to “saying all black people love chicken.”


The rest of the leftist ladies agreed that it was an unconstitutional Muslim ban, except sometimes-conservative Jedediah Bila. When Bila tried to disagree, the ladies pounced on her like hungry cheetahs on a wounded gazelle.

Watch the scream-fest:

Here’s the problem with the ladies’ faulty reasoning: First, President Trump has the constitutional authority to regulate immigration into our country.

Second, it’s not a Muslim ban. Islam isn’t even mentioned in the order, and the order itself ignores the biggest Muslim-dominated countries on Earth.

Once again, the Ladies of the View prove they’re completely ignorant about our president’s attempts to make our country safer.

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H/T: RawStory

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