Monday, March 20, 2017

Another day, another video of a Holly-weird celebrity claiming he wants to hurt President Trump.

With this one, he wants to go back to the past and take out our commander-in-chief, along with Hitler.

I am speaking about Adam Pally, an actor in the show Making History. Pally told TMZ that if he had access to time travel, he’d “have to kill Trump or Hitler.”

These Hollywood fantasy people think they can say whatever they want and suffer no repercussions, don’t they?

Watch Mark Dice, the famous conservative YouTuber, take apart Pally, piece by piece:

Video Credit: Mark Dice

Liberals are finding there are more smart conservative thinkers out there who are adept at destroying their petty attempts to undermine President Trump.

I love to watch folks like Dice rip the media apart and slam the door on liberal stupidity.

What do you think of Pally? Should he face punishment for his threats? Share your opinions below in the comment section and don’t forget to share this on your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

H/T: YouTube/Mark Dice

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