Wednesday, March 8, 2017

They say you can tell a lot about someone’s character by how their children act. In that case, Tim Kaine should be feeling rather embarrassed after his son Linwood was arrested for rioting while counter-protesting at a pro-Trump rally at the Minnesota Capitol.

His mug shot isn’t a pretty picture. It shows a disheveled-looking Kaine, who appears to be auditioning to be the lead singer of a 1990s Seattle grunge band. It looks as though Hillary Clinton’s running mate’s son doesn’t own a comb.

In addition to Kaine, five other anti-Trump protesters were arrested. Tim Kaine’s son obviously can’t respect others’ right to free speech. He apparently felt the need to target and harass them. This is yet another reason we should be grateful that Hillary didn’t win. There is no comparison when you compare this clown to the Trump children, who are upstanding and productive members of society who don’t riot.

The U.S. Senator and former Vice Presidential nominee spoke with Fox 5 DC about his son’s rioting charge and disrespect for the First Amendment. That interview is below.

Linwood’s reality went from being the son of a possible Vice President to being arrested for rioting against the President in just a few short months. Life comes at you fast!

How does a U.S. senator have a child who riots against someone else’s free speech? Did Kaine not teach his son to be a law-abiding citizen? This seems to be yet another example of a spoiled liberal kid acting out because he didn’t get his way.

Share this is yet another reason you are glad Donald Trump is in the White House!

H/T: Twitchy

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