Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Trump Administration has had enough of the United Nations and its Human Rights Council. Secretary of  State Rex Tillerson warned that if the organizatoin does not undertake “considerable reform,” the United States is getting out!

“Foreign Policy” spoke to a senior aide to Tillerson who corroborated their initial report, “If they don’t make these reforms, we’re going to question the value of our membership.” He then laid down the line: “We’re not taking withdrawal off the table.”

And if the aide’s comments were not enough, Tillerson’s letter is pretty specific:

“While it may be the only such organization devoted to human rights, the Human Rights Council requires considerable reform in order for us to continue to participate.”

However, the United States will continue to participate in the ongoing session and will “reiterate [their] strong principled objection to the Human Rights Council’s biased agenda against Israel.”

Some people believe this move is just posturing for reform in the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. But Felice Gaer of the Jacob Blaustein Institute told “Foreign Policy,” “I’m afraid this seems to signal that they want to pull out.”

However, Peter Yeo, President of the Better World Campaign, had other thoughts: “I think the administration is signaling its intention to pursue far reaching reforms of the Human Rights Council, including reducing the disproportionate focus on Israel.”

One thing is for sure, Tillerson and the Trump Administration are not messing around when it comes to foreign affairs. They mean business.

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H/T: Breaking 911

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