Monday, March 6, 2017

Can you imagine living with no arms or legs? This man can, and his life doesn’t turn out the way you would expect! Read on:

When You’re Just A Head With No Arms Or Legs

There once was two people Lisa and Brian.

They got married and had a child. The only problem was that the child was only a head, he had no arms, legs, or torso.

So all his life he was picked on and teased and he always wished he had a body.

So when he turned 21 his dad took him to a bar and let him have his first beer ever.

When he drank a whole bottle an arm popped out.

When he drank more bottles more body parts popped out.

After drinking many beers he finally had a whole body.

As they left the bar, he was very drunk and was hit by a bus and he died.

The moral of the story “Quit while you’re a head”

Oh no! A tragic ending, with some good advice tacked on!

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