Thursday, March 9, 2017

For the last 8 years, Barack Obama has allowed hostile nations to kick our country around. That all changed with the election of Donald Trump. North Korea has started to get aggressive against our allies and President Trump is taking measures to put a stop to it!

North Korea just launched four ballistic missiles toward Japan, with three of them landing in Japanese waters. This means the North Korean regime is getting closer to firing a nuclear weapon that could hit the United States!

President Trump is already taking action. He’s deployed F-35B stealth fighters to South Korea to fortify our defenses and make a show of strength to the totalitarian regime to the North. The president has also ordered additional defensive measures be taken in the Korean Peninsula as you can see in the video below:

This is all great news! The time has come to show the North Koreans we have a president who will not mess around.

Watch the F-35B in action aboard the USS Wasp:

Do you agree with President Trump’s move? If so, share this story and show others that President Trump is not going to be bullied like Obama!

H/T: Allen West

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