Thursday, April 20, 2017

Chelsea Clinton is still upset that her mother isn’t president. When she was interviewed by Variety magazine recently, she blamed her mom’s loss on that old liberal canard: sexism.

From Heat Street:

“The former First Daughter says she was ‘not surprised’ at the blatant sexism she encountered on the campaign trail with her mom, Hillary Clinton, and warned the magazine that the country is ‘going backwards’ on civil liberties (though, it seems, Donald Trump has yet to provide Chelsea with any specific examples).”

Oh, that’s it! America couldn’t see past their own sexism to vote for Crooked Hillary. It had nothing to do with her corruption, cronyism, lying, and poor character, right?

Chelsea lives in the same fantasy world as those who said Hillary would win easily over Donald Trump.

If Chelsea wants to see real sexism, she should look at her father:

Chelsea’s unwilling to acknowledge that her mom’s a loser and the American people didn’t want Hillary to be president.

She needs to give up her family’s political dreams accept reality!

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Source: Heat St. 

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