Thursday, April 20, 2017

There were a lot rumors going around that President Trump didn’t attend Easter Services last Sunday. A Democratic pollster had a tweet go viral that accused Republicans of hypocrisy on this issue. Even when this pollster was repeatedly told that Trump had attended church, he refused to correct his error. Now, one of the president’s fellow parishioners is combating that lie with facts and pictures of the First Family at church on Easter.

Matt McDermott started a firestorm of fake news when he tweeted the Trumps didn’t attend Easter services. The lie was embraced by many leftists who wanted to believe it.

Like the Trumps, Sonya Sandage attends The Church of Bethesda By The Sea. She has attended church services five times with President Trump. This is also the church where Donald and Melania were wed.

As you can see, President Trump was clearly at Church on Easter. Still, some liberals insist that he wasn’t! They appear to be allergic to facts! They love their fake news so much that they even tell lies on Easter!

The raw video below shows the First Family arriving at Church on Easter. As you can see, people were happy to see him.

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Source: IJ Review

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