Monday, April 17, 2017

The love-and-peace hippie crowd at Berkeley seems to have a thing for violence since President Trump was elected. They didn’t seem to learn anything after their violent protests at the beginning of the year, so they are back at it.

One liberal woman posted on Facebook that she was going to a harm 100 people at a Berkeley protest. But when video surfaced of her getting punched, the internet went into hysterics.

A mashup video of her Facebook post and the video of her being punched can be seen below.


What’s missing is the prelude to the punch where she grabs the man by the throat. After seeing the picture below, it’s easy to see why the man felt the need to defend himself.

Many protests over the weekend got out of hand:

This woman went down there to hurt people. She can’t cry when someone defends himself. Being a woman doesn’t give her the right to harm a man. Actions have consequences. Don’t feminists want equal treatment?

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