Friday, May 19, 2017

Trey Gowdy appears to be set to replace Jason Chaffetz as the Chair of the House Oversight Committee. This powerful position seems to be a perfect fit for the former prosecutor who has a way of getting to the truth.

The Daily Caller reports that Rep. Gowdy’s office “has confirmed he hasn’t ruled out seeking the position and is going through the process of discussing qualifications with his congressional colleagues.”

Gowdy has apparently shored up enough support to hold off any challenger for the position. Chaffetz is stepping down next month, as Gowdy would oversee the investigation into whether President Trump pressured Jim Comey into dropping the investigation into then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

This is excellent news for conservatives who care about honest government. Gowdy is fierce about exposing corruption. Comey already testified that he was never asked to stopped investigating Flynn. Gowdy won’t let him dance around his previous testimony.

You can see Trey Gowdy in action when he questioned Comey regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails in the video below.

Gowdy would be terrific for this position. He wouldn’t allow the liberals or the media to dictate the course of any investigation he oversees!

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Source: Politico

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