Friday, May 19, 2017

A crazed woman attacked a car with a knife in Montana. The viral video shows it all going down and it’s pretty alarming.

The men in the car were backing up when this woman want bonkers. Her hand is visibly shaking as she holds the knife by the window. As the men waited for police, the woman slashed their tire. She even tried busting into the car several times and called the white men the n-word.

She used her head to try to smash the window but just ended up breaking a tooth. You can check out the wild video below.

Even though they drove off as police entered the parking lot, the police were able to take the woman into custody. 

The original YouTube video was removed but a comment on it read:

“The two women end up jumping in their vehicle just before the cops arrive. The crazy lady jumps out of the car and run into sears. The cops ran after her and handcuffed her after she put up a fight. She was calling them the N word and was trying to say she was raped. The cops wernt buying her side of the story obviously. She left her phone behind. The Guardian was pleading for her daughters phone back. She was smart not to lay her hands on them. The phone was giving to the cops. The cops said she was going to be admitted to the hospital. The vehicle did have a scratch on the side where the crazy lady carved her knife into. But it isn’t anything that can’t be buffed out. And the tires are very good high end quality tires & brand new with thick tread. She didn’t do any damage to them. A police report was definitely filed.”

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