Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Obamas don’t believe the rules apply to them. This isn’t really new, but Michelle Obama took this to a new low when she visited an Italian cathedral wearing what is deemed to be an inappropriate shirt by the Church’s guidelines.

The former first lady and president visited the Duomo di Siena – the Sienna Cathedral. Rules are clear that women need to cover their shoulders in the Cathedral, but Michelle went baring them both and then some. The dress code states: “No bare shoulders and no skirts or shorts above the knee. Same as any other church in Italy, no bare shoulders and no skirts or shorts above the knee.”

 Check out Michelle’s getup for the Cathedral.

While this might be a nice outfit for the beach, it is obviously breaking the Cathedral’s dress code. This is a church, not a club.

The video below shows her entering the Cathedral in this inappropriate attire.

Will the rules ever apply to them? I hope the priest addresses this, but I’m not sure the Obamas will care what he has to say.

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Source: BizPacReview

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