Friday, May 19, 2017

RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel has a clear message for all Republicans – support our President. Donald Trump is under attack by the media and the liberals and we need to have his back.

Republicans are typically so quick to fold when the going gets tough. That’s why the message she gave on Kilmeade and Friends radio show is so important.

“I think we need to rally around our President right now. He’s had unprecedented obstruction from the Democrats and the media. They are coming after him with everything and this is a time for our party to be rallying around our leader, which is our President, who the people voted to represent them. He needs our support,” Chairwoman McDaniel said.

This clear message of support can be heard in the video below.

I’m glad to hear that the RNC is standing firmly behind President Trump. Hopefully the turncoat Never Trumpers take her advice!

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Source: Daily Caller

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