Thursday, June 15, 2017

CNN’s Jim Acosta was caught peddling fake news in wake of the shooting on the Republican Congressional baseball team. CNN appears to be rather committed to reporting fake news.

Acosta tweeted that President Trump didn’t actually see Steve Scalise when he and Melania visited the hospital on the night of the shooting. Acosta even attributed this news to a White House official as you can see in a screenshot of his tweet below.

But, that was simply not true. When he was caught promoting fake news, Acosta deleted the tweet and then tried to cover for it. In another tweet he said he learned this from a White House pool report.

But, wait. He didn’t mention a pool report in his first tweet. He said he learned it from a White House official, even putting the words in quotation marks to signify that it was given directly to him. Anyway you slice it, Acosta was busted promoting fake news. Rather than apologize, he just doubled down with a stupid excuse.


CNN appears to be hellbent on maintaining its reputation as being the standard bearer for fake news. Acosta’s tweet is proof of that!

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Source: Medium

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