Wednesday, June 28, 2017

33 year old Judy Malinowski has died almost two years after being burned by her boyfriend. Michael Slager doused her in gasoline before lighting her on fire.

Slager, who claimed it was an accident, only received 11 years in jail for this horrific crime. Judy and her two daughter have been petitioning state legislators to pass Judy’s Law to increase punishment when a victim is significantly disfigured or an accelerant is used. A story on that is in the tweeted video below.

During her recovery, Malinowski endured 52 surgeries, but unfortunately her injuries were too much.

Now that she has passed away, Slager could be facing murder charges. It is an absolute disgrace to think that he was only sentenced to 11 years for setting a woman on fire. Hopefully the Ohio legislature kicks it into gear and passes Judy’s Law.

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Source: People

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