Friday, July 14, 2017

Emirates Airlines is well known for their extravagant flights. But, one accidental video might turn the rich and famous off their planes.

In April, on a flight from Dubai to Barcelona, a passenger captured a video of a flight attendant pouring drinks back into a bottle after they collected cups.

It is rather disgusting to think you might be served a drink that was from someone else’s cup. It’s unsanitary and it’s appalling. On top of that, these passengers are paying out the nose to fly with Emirates! Airlines are having such bad public relations lately, why would they do this?

The video below has over 1.3 million views on Streamable, so it is garnishing quite a bit of attention.

That is so nasty! You never would expect your drink to be someone else’s sloppy seconds. I wouldn’t have been able to silently sit there after watching that on the plane. Is it their company policy to reuse drinks?

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Source: Inquistr

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