Friday, July 14, 2017

There’s virtually zero respect for traditional marriage in Hollywood. Not only do couples get divorced left and right, but Tinseltown liberals would rather celebrate a civil union between two men or two women than a union between one man and one woman before God.

Actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves, however, are different.

In an interview with GQ, McConaughey revealed that he and his wife take the sacred institution of marriage very seriously:

We did a lot of reading and talked to a lot of people that had been divorced, a lot of people that had been happily married. We talked to our pastor. In the end, our understanding was, ‘Let’s go make a covenant, with you, me, and God.’

Furthermore, McConaughey and Alves don’t view marriage as an end-goal. Instead, they view it as a beautiful new adventure:

I had to get to the point where I saw it as more than just the thing to do. I wanted to really want to. You know, I didn’t want it to be a destination; the fun is that we’re on the adventure together. So I spent a lot of time with her. We talked about it spiritually.

Perhaps if more people in Hollywood thought about marriage in the way McConaughey and Alves do, maybe so many marriages wouldn’t end in divorce.

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