Wednesday, August 2, 2017

OJ Simpson‘s children have amassed a bit of a real estate empire over the past few years. Now, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s families are wanting to know how Sydney and Justin Simpson were able to buy so many properties with cash.

The former Buffalo Bill still owes $33.5 million in civil judgments for Nicole and Ron’s 1994 murders, so there is tremendous interest in finding out if “The Juice” funneled cash to his kids to purchase 13 properties in the past two years. Justin is only 28 and Sydney is 31. It’s hard to imagine people that age being able to purchase so many properties with cash without some help.

Fred Goldman, Ron’s father, is seeking bank records to see if O.J. gave the money to his children to avoid paying his debt to the Simpson and Brown families.

Justin and Sydney are O.J.’s children with Nicole. This puts them in a very awkward situation with their mother’s family. The children were inside the home the night their mother and Goldman were killed outside. They were raised by O.J. after he was acquitted of the murders.

More information on Sydney and Justin’s real estate empire is in the video below.

It sure seems suspicious. Under Florida law, however, it would prove challenging for Fred Goldman to collect from the Simpson children even if O.J. did funnel them money. Florida laws tend to protect the debtors.

Tenants living in Sydney and Justin’s properties had no idea their landlords were O.J.’s children.

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Source: Fox News

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