Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Towing companies have to deal with angry car owners on a regular basis and South Beach Tow is no stranger to that! In fact, they have to deal with a higher rate of entitlement because they live in South Florida.

South Beach employee Bernice isn’t one to take anyone’s self-serving BS. She isn’t afraid to push back when someone is being arrogant while trying to pick up their illegally parked car.

In the video below, a woman decides that smoking laws don’t apply to her. When she refused to put out her cigarette while in the building, Bernice demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher to teach her a lesson!

If you have ever been forced to deal with an entitled brat, Bernice will have you cheering!

That is definitely a fast solution to the problem! I bet that bratty woman never lights up inside a business again. Not only did she lose her cigarette, but she was left a humiliated mess!

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