Thursday, October 12, 2017

After seeing Eminem’s freestyle attack on President Trump at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards, Diamond and Silk knew they had to respond. These sisters won’t let any entitled liberal celebrity try to demean our President! Eminem’s rap was incredibly disrespectful, not only towards the President but also to his supporters. The rapper actually left his harshest words for anyone who voted for Donald Trump.

Diamond and Silk inserted themselves into Eminem’s video and they served it right back to the Detroit rapper. They rap right into Slim Shady’s face. They begin by reminding him repeatedly that Trump is Eminem’s President. Leftists need to be reminded of who their President is every day! They still don’t seem to understand that it’s Donald Trump whether they like it or not!

They also danced as they served up some street justice to this Trump-hating rapper! You will be cheering as you watch the video below of Diamond and Silk reminding Eminem that Donald Trump is his President!

That was awesome! They aren’t going to stay silent when Donald Trump is attacked. They aren’t afraid of Eminem. Do you think he is going to try to call Diamond and Silk racists for rapping back to him? It would be funny if he tried!

Diamond and Silk have been two of Donald Trump’s loudest and proudest supporters since the beginning. They don’t back down when our President has been attacked or challenged by leftists. They have taken on Hollywood, the liberal mainstream media, and the Democratic Party! They even took over a White House press briefing to serve it back up to the biased reporters looking to take down President Trump. They don’t back down to anyone!

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