Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The thought police are after Jill Duggar Dillard again. The Counting On star posted a picture of her husband, Derick, taking care of their sons. 2-year-old Isaac sat underneath his father’s legs while Derick held 3-month-old Samuel over his shoulder. The proud mother and wife posted the picture claiming that her husband is the best dad in the world.

The rather sweet picture below prompted quite a bit of ridicule from judgmental parents on Instagram, who apparently feel the need to criticize everyone else.

@derickdillard you are the best papa in the whole world!!! I love you so much!

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jwtzel56 wrote, “umm No too bad you rather kiss up to the fake missionaries then to see how he could trip hurt Sam & Izzy. But we all know in duggar lovers eyes duggars & spawn are perfect. Lmao” She also wrote, “Looks like he is carrying a sack of potatoes then his son. Izzy sitting there between his feet is a good way to trip derick. Then Sam gets hurt poor kid has it rough do as it is since it seems he is being shunned. After all there is No pics of him with any duggars but a lot of the pedo’s kid.”

There are a number of comments from people criticizing not only how Derick is holding Samuel, but also the fact that Issac is at risk if Derick falls. Did these people raise children in a bubble? Kids want to feel loved. It’s obvious from the photo that is exactly what is going on in this home. They are raising children in a loving environment.

The thought police also attacked Jill for a fun picture she posted recently of the family on a farm. A tortilla was shown on Samuel’s head. It was clearly a cute picture, but Jill was attacked so viciously for putting a tortilla on her baby’s head, that it appears she deleted it.

Samuel Duggar

Just having fun makes you a target these days. So many people felt that Jill was using a tortilla as a hat! It’s pretty obvious they were just being silly. Issac may have even put it on his brother. It was cute, but many people are so miserable that they feel the need to attack others.

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Source: In Touch Weekly

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