Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Jesus Campos was Las Vegas mass shooter Stephen Paddock’s first victim. The mass murderer shot 200 rounds through his hotel room door while the Mandalay Bay security guard walked the floor to see why a door on the floor was open. Campos has been a bit of a mystery and the subject of conspiracy theorists as he had canceled interviews with only a moments notice days after the massacre.

The man who is credited with saving a lot of lives by notifying authorities to the location of the shooter finally broke his silence on Ellen. Campos appeared with building engineer Stephen Schuck who credits Campos with saving his life. Campos announced this will be his only interview, likely fueling more the conspiracy theories.

The security guard said he was initially blocked from entering the 32nd floor by a locked door, not the stairwell. When he was able to obtain access to the floor, the stairwell’s door slammed behind him. He believes this noise alerted the shooter to his presence.

“I believed that’s what caught the shooter’s attention,” Campos said. “As I was walking down, I heard rapid fire. At first, I took cover. I felt the burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood.” The security guard also said a woman stuck her head outside her room to see what was going on. He alerted her to get back inside her room.

Paddock continued his firing rampage by killing 58 people and injuring over 500 at the concert outside his window. Campos and Shuck have refused monetary compensation for appearing on Ellen.

Clips of Campos and Schuck’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres is in the video below. Both men credit first responders as being the ultimate heroes on that horrific night.

A discrepancy in the timeline of events coupled with Campos’s prolonged silence has fed conspiracy theories. This interview might not do much to calm those down. There are still many questions about what happened. Campos’s refusal to do more interviews might only give rise to more suspicions.

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Source: Fox News

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