Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sophie Stevenson is being called the victim of the “cruelest date in Europe.” The 24-year-old British woman met Jesse Mateman in Barcelona. The pair were both there on vacation during the terrorist attack. She spent the remainder of the trip with the young Dutchman as they waited for the city to recover from the attack and find the terrorist.

She said they slept together and then continued speaking and messaging every day. Then, they planned for Sophie to fly to Amsterdam to see the man who told her they were in a relationship. But, Jesse didn’t show up. Sophie waited for over 2 hours before she finally received a text saying that it was a joke. She had been “pigged.” Pigged is a mean game where a group of men go out and try to get the fattest and ugliest girl.

Jesse Mateman

This story has captured a lot of attention because it is so cruel. Sophie is a beautiful young woman and Jesse is the one who is a pig. He is likely learning his lesson as his appalling actions are being splashed all over European media. His intention was to humiliate her but now he has been exposed as a heartless and callous jerk to the world.

In the video below, Sophie and her mother give an interview regarding this incredibly mean-spirited and expensive experience. Jesse is attempting to do damage control, but he keeps contradicting himself and digging deeper into the hole.

What a jerk! He treated her so maliciously and now that he has been caught, he is threatening to sue her. That will only make matters worse for him. He’s already been caught lying, maybe he will end up being sued as well. Hopefully, he has learned not to treat women so horribly!

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Source: Unilad

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