Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Obama years have left a lot of people with a sense of entitlement. Why should they get a job when they can just get a check? There are so many freeloaders who have their hands out with no intention of ever getting a job.

Instead, they collect a check paid for by our hard earned tax dollars. You’re slaving away at work while they are sitting back watching Wheel of Fortune. The compilation video below shows a number of people who are collecting checks from the government out of pure laziness. They are all able to work but choose not to. They don’t have to because Big Daddy Government just hands them a check. One man actually won a fortune in the lottery and he still gets government assistance. This video will both enrage and motivate you to fight back against this thievery.

One man calls his handout “Obama Dollars.” I wish we could send Obama the bill! People were paid off for their votes. They get free stuff if they keep voting for Democrats. Now, we have millions of people who feel they are owed everything rather than needing to earn it. They don’t want to support themselves!

But since we have a new president, hopefully, we will see some real reform with regard to these freeloaders. If they are able bodied, they should be working rather than just putting their hands out for their “Obama Dollars.” We can’t keep supporting welfare queens and kings who simply refuse to work!

I’d like to see Judge Judy serve up some justice to these lazy freeloaders. She wouldn’t give them a pass. Click here to see her SLAM a woman who was socking away welfare money she didn’t need.

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