Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Brown family is having a challenging year. The stars of Alaskan Bush People have spent months coming to grips with the fact that the family matriarch, Ami, has aggressive lung cancer. They have left Alaska so Ami can get proper medical care. Even though they have completely changed their lives as a result of this diagnosis, they still face extreme scrutiny from people who judge their every move.

Billy recently had a birthday bash to celebrate his 65th birthday. It’s a big birthday and deserves a party. RadarOnline is reporting that he had a “lavish party,” insinuating he was living large while Ami was battling for her life. That appears not to be true. It seems that many people want to smear this family at every turn!

Even if Billy had an extravagant party, why would anyone take issue with that? They have completely uprooted their lives for Ami’s care. His children should be able to celebrate him! His love for Ami is obvious. He is not ignoring her!

RadarOnline also reported that Ami probably wasn’t at the festivities, but that shouldn’t be a slight to Billy. Perhaps she was going to come and her declining health made attending impossible. Looking at Rain’s Instagram account, it appears this so-called “lavish party” was a family dinner on the beach. This family is still allowed to live their lives while Ami is battling cancer.

The family was in California to celebrate Billy’s birthday. Rain posted a picture of herself with her sister Birdie using the hashtag #calicoast. This hardly appears to be some extravagant party as RadarOnline claimed it to be!

The youngest Brown also posted a video of the sunset over the ocean. But, someone scared her as she was recording the view after the celebratory evening. Many commenters believe Gabe did this!

Later, Rain had a birthday post for her father. She thanked him for putting up with all seven of his children over the years. She expresses a lot of appreciation for both of her parents and hopes she is half as good of a parent as they are.

Ami seems like a mother who would want her children and her husband to have fun even if she couldn’t be there. Life goes on even when someone has cancer. It is not definitely even known if Ami was at the party or not. It seems that some people are just naysayers

If you are following the Browns, make sure to watch The Alaskan Bush People Christmas Special on December 15th. Click here for the details. Hopefully, we will get an update on Ami’s health!

Source: Inquisitr

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