Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tuesday night, singer Beyoncé presented her fellow cop hater Colin Kaepernick with the Sports Illustrated’s Muhammed Ali Legacy Award. The unemployed quarterback was honored for protesting during the National Anthem.

The anti-police duo both sported huge smiles as Queen Bey handed the award over to Kaepernick, the former quarterback who now watches games from the comfort of his own couch after other NFL teams refused to sign the former 49er.

It didn’t take long after the show for outspoken conservative Tomi Lahren to tweet about this award, which many people who support our safety service forces find appalling.

Tomi is right. It’s disturbing that Kaepernick is piling up awards for his disrespectful approach towards police officers who put their lives on the line for us. His protest during the National Anthem proves that he takes issue with our country and patriotic Americans. Adding cop hating antagonist Beyoncé to this mix was sure to strike a chord with anyone who supports law enforcement.

Tomi previously took exception to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show that took aim at police officers, painting them as bloodthirsty racists. Of course she would say something about the volatile mix of the singer presenting this award to Kaepernick for his National Anthem protest.

Lahren isn’t afraid to speak out against this nonsense. A couple weeks ago, when Kaepernick was award GQ’s Man Of The Year, she tweeted a photoshopped picture of him taking a knee during the D-Day invasion to prove a point. Kaepernick’s actions aren’t brave. He can’t hold a candle to the men and women who put on uniforms and defend our nation or protect their communities.

That pretty much sums it up. In times of trouble, men of true character stand up and act. They don’t take a knee.

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Source: NY Daily News

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