Thursday, January 11, 2018

Harvey Weinstein is one of the most hated men in America. Hollywood and liberal politicians turned a blind eye to Weinstein’s alleged rampant sexual harassment and assault for decades, allowing him to demoralize and attack dozens or even hundreds of women. Now that his behavior has been publicly exposed, Hollywood and D.C. have turned their backs on this movie producing legend.

A man named Steve who was at a Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant felt he needed to do something to put Weinstein in his place. He hit the Hollywood mogul twice in the face.

Steve was initially having an amicable conversation with the disgraced mogul when he decided to turn it up a notch. Steve claimed that Weinstein was belligerent, but audio proves that was not the case. Weinstein told Steve the days of being awful to women are over and that he “no longer seeks that life.”

Steve’s friend started recording the encounter. When Weinstein was leaving the restaurant, Steve smacked him twice in the face. Steve said he had “quite a bit to drink,” and asked his friend to record the confrontation. Video of that is below.

Many people would like to land a punch on Harvey Weinstein. Steve had that opportunity but gave two backhanded slaps instead. Then, Steve immediately began shopping the video for $100,000.

The manager of Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale believes a cash grab was all Steve was trying to obtain as he told his friend to get the camera ready to film before he went in for the smack. This was planned. The manager reports that Steve was already drunk when Weinstein arrived.

Paul Sorvino made it clear earlier this week that he will not be so kind if he happens to run into Harvey Weinstein. The Good Fellas actor made it clear what would happen if he encountered the disgraced Hollywood mogul. “I will kill the MFer,” Sorvino claims. Weinstein blacklisted Sorvino’s daughter Mira because she denied his sexual advances.

Things would have been much different if Paul Sorvino was at the restaurant instead of Steve. Watch the Sorvino video below. As you can imagine, there is bad language.

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Source: Red State

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